After School Clubs

We have 3 types of After School Clubs which you can choose from.
We never use instructions, it help us to develop creativity and spatial imagination!


  1. Club on Advanced Robotics+ (Secondary and High Schools), Tale of Advance Robotics+ (Primary Schools):

15Our Advanced Robotics+ is great for building and programmining using LEGO® bricks. During the 2 hours Club we will take student to the adventure through countless robots (such as color sorting robots, exploring bots and much more). Our journey could not be completed without learning how to Code! For students who have just started we introduce easy to use graphical programming environment, those who are on more advanced level will be given an opportunity to practice their skills using C like code. Following ready instructions is not what real scientists do – neither do we. When the day will come we will build fighting robots to be ready to receive Tier 1 PrepareRobo Constructors certificates. Do not worry about Robot Rebellion our ones are harmless for human beings.  Prices starts from £15.9 per student per session!  CLICK FOR MORE! 


2. Club on Advanced Robotics (Secondary and High Schools), Tale of Advance Robotics (Primary Schools):

During Advanced Robotics we teach how to build complex machines with older students, for younger we construct more basic ones but not less attractive. Coding here is not forgotten, but occurs in more basic form. To achieve Tier 1 PrepareRobo Constructor Certificate children will take part in Racings Robots Tournament organized by us, however they need build and program them first! No worries we will teach them how to be safe drivers, too! Prices starts from £6.95 per student per session! CLICK FOR MORE!



3. Robo Builders Club (Secondary and High Schools), Tale of Robo Builders (Primary Schools):

IMG_20150517_121123Become a Robo Builder with us! Let’s construct something amazing! We have something for youngest pupils and for High School students as well! Walking mechanisms, racing bots, warriors, maze runners and much more will be built during our Clubs! We do not follow ready instructions! Our students are learning how to use their own ideas in the real life. Prices starts from £4 per student per session! CLICK FOR MORE!



“I have never seen the students so excited and engaged in any school I have observed in the last six months. That’s got to be a good point. If their minds are on and focused they must be learning. The building of the robot did involve a lot of physics without them even knowing it. There was a lot of DT thinking as well, with lots of rapid iteration and design improvements.”
~ Mr Mehul Shah, Assistant Headteacher and STEM Lead, Claremont High School Academy, London, November 2015

How it can be run at our School?
– There is two options:
1. We are organizing the club, from your side we just need the classroom and help with marketing to parents (like possibility to come to parents meeting, place for leaflets etc).
2. You are organizing the club (bookings, contacting with parents etc).

Please if you are outside London ask for quotation as prices may vary.

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