“Robot Wars came to automated life at a Dagenham school earlier this week – putting a new spark into the study of science.”
~ Barking and Dagenham Post, July 2015

“Thank you for a great workshop. The children learnt a lot and were able to use their imagination to be creative and they loved the robots coming to life. You were very friendly and built lovely relationships throughout the day with the children. I hope we can use you again in the near future.”
~ Sarah, Teacher, Manchester, February 2019.


“Thank you for your visit to our school, the children really enjoyed themselves. The workshop was the perfect way to introduce the children to our new topic – ‘Rise of the Robots’.”
~ Katie, Teacher, Hampshire, November 2018


“When I first saw the boxes I was a little worried as I have a reception/year one class, however they totally blew me away with how well they did and how much they enjoyed it! Thank you!”
~ Kathy, Teacher, Worcestershire, November 2018


“The day was yet again absolutely fantastic. It ran smoothly, and the children were excited and engaged throughout. The quality of skills that they were taught was exceptional, where they all had the opportunity to use top end gadgets. Thank you for an incredible experience.”
~ Victoria, Teacher, Cambridgeshire, October 2018


“A very well organised workshop! Children absolutely loved exploring different options of making their robot work and avoid all obstacles.Would definitely recommend this workshop!”
~Anuradha, Teacher, London, October 2018


“A lively session which the children were really engaged in. The robots they made were fantastic and pupils of all needs were included and enjoyed it. The session leaders were really enthusiastic and great with the children. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for coming!”
~ Kate, Teacher, Wiltshire, October 2018


“An interactive and engaging session, which really excited the children. It involved them using their coding and reasoning skills. The instructor was warm, approachable and professional. He spent time talking to each child, giving feedback and providing clear guidance on what the next steps were. Thank you!”
~ Jackie, Teacher, London, October 2018


“We had a robot workshop for 90 Year 3 children. The children had a wonderful time and really enjoyed being able to create a battle with their finished robots. The session was well planned and structured in a way that enabled the children to be able to independently create their own robots . The session leader was very informative and he ran the sessions with clear instructions that meant the children could easily understand the task. He was helpful with all children and offered guidance when they were building their robots. He was also fantastic and patient answering the many questions that 7 and 8 year olds have! The children learnt a lot from the session and were able to use this for a written piece of work about ‘caring for a robot.'”
~ Tracy, Teacher, Northamptonshire, September 2018


“This was a very enjoyable workshop which Fine class enjoyed immensely. It was interesting and the children enjoyed building the robots and then making them move using coding. All relevant and well delivered. A very good workshop all round.”
~ Dickon, Teacher, Kent, October 2018


“I went to see one of their sessions at Stratford Library and Wojciech (Jesse) was delivering it. So I sat quietly observing for a long while and then I had a chat with him. The children were enjoying and he was friendly, I think by that time they already knew him as they were doing a 4 week session, and Wojciech (Jesse) was great with them and very patient.
Then I met Karol when he came to deliver two session at two libraries with us. I must say that they were both very popular and fully booked, and I think that all the children turned up except for one on each session. Karol is as well very friendly, got along very well with the children and the children and parents were asking me for more sessions.”
~ Maria Reguera, Redbridge Central Library, London, June 2017.


“Excellent work shop which the children throroughly enjoyed!”
~Olivia, Teacher, Buckinghamshire, September 2018


“Thank you very much for the workshops day. The children absolutely loved it and it was perfect for enthusing the children within our school about our current school topic about computers and robotics. The children are still talking about the event a week later and the older children have used the knowledge learnt in the workshops to go on and build their own battle bots with the school’s computing resources. The team were fantastic with the children and were great at differentiating the activities for all year groups within our school. Many thanks again.”
~ Paul, Computing Subject Leader/Year 4, Exmouth, January 2018.


“Excellent day which was enjoyed by all pupils!”
~ Edward, April 2018


“My son had a fantastic 11th birthday with his friends! 10 boys, head down, fully focused and having fun – what more could you want!”
~ Allison, April 2018


“All the children at my son’s 9th birthday party had a great time. All of them were totally engaged and focused for the whole time. They were all proud of the robots they had built and highly competitive in the ‘battles’. A great party, thank.you.”
~ Sally, May 2018


“Thank you for a great day of fun! The children thought it was the ‘best lesson ever’. They thoroughly enjoyed working in their teams and using their imagination to build their robot.”
~ Nadine,  May 2018


“I have never seen the students so excited and engaged in any school I have observed in the last six months. That’s got to be a good point. If their minds are on and focused they must be learning. The building of the robot did involve a lot of physics without them even knowing it. There was a lot of DT thinking as well, with lots of rapid iteration and design improvements.”
~ Mr Mehul Shah, Assistant Headteacher and STEM Lead, Claremont High School Academy, London, November 2015


“PrepareRobo had come recommended to us by word of mouth, and seemed like just the thing for our LEGO® / robots / electronics and engineering obsessed son. I’m so pleased with the way it all turned out! It was a brilliant party, and ran smoothly from start to finish. Karol turned up early in order to be completely set up before the guests arrived, and then spent the extra time talking to our 3 children and showing them how all the robots work. We had eight lively 7 year old boys (plus the birthday boy’s older and younger sibling) so ten children in all. We were so impressed by the way that Karol moved around the group, keeping all children on task, helping and supporting them, never getting flustered. The boys were clearly captivated; their focus was remarkable because they were so engaged with the challenge. Once they had finished building their robots, we moved through to the track in order to race them. It was such brilliant fun, with the boys cheering on their own creations and genuinely so excited by it all! Again, Karol handled it all very smoothly – he was calm yet clearly enjoying himself too – it’s lovely to meet a genuine enthusiast! When I asked our son what he would give his LEGO® robot party out of 10, he shouted “TEN!”. We would definitely recommend PrepareRobo and will be back for more.”
~ Hannah, mum, May 2017


“We wanted to thank you both for today’s birthday party. We thought you did an amazing job and I was extremely pleased to see the children so engaged for 2 hours. We had a lot of good feedback and everyone was still talking about their robots during cake time.
Lots of sparkling eyes!!”
~  Caroline, mum, January 2017


“Workshops have made very good impression on students and teachers. Children loved the workshops and were still talking about them long time after.
Personally I am impressed by your way of teaching robotics. Students haven’t received ready instruction how to build robots but hints and help from instructos how to use specific parts. Whole process of building depended on them, their creativity and imagination. Each robot was different and unique. It turned out that during great fun you can learn and improve many skills including creativity, logical thinking, analysis, problems solving, team working and group decision making.
I recommend workshops with PrepareRobo.”
~ Anna Pawlik-Zawada, teacher at Polish Saturday School in Seven Sisters, London, June 2016


“Pupils and staff were fully engaged throughout created robots out of LEGO® and programmed them. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending your workshop to other groups.”
~ Mrs Irena Kukula, Headteacher at The Frederic Chopin Polish Saturday School in South Croydon, November 2015