Advanced Robotics+

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Our Advanced Robotics+ is great for building and programming using LEGO® bricks. During the 2 hours Club we will take student to the adventure through countless robots (such as color sorting robots, exploring bots and much more). Our journey could not be completed without learning how to Code! For students who have just started we introduce easy to use graphical programming environment, those who are on more advanced level will be given an opportunity to practice their skills using C like code. Following ready instructions is not what real scientists do – neither do we. When the day will come we will build fighting robots to be ready to receive Tier 1 PrepareRobo Constructor certificates. Do not worry about Robot Rebellion our ones are harmless for human beings.

This Club is designed for students from Year 1 up to Year 13. PrepareRobo adjusts type of robots, progress and rate of workshops to make sure each student achieve the best results at particular step in their education.

Clubs last for 120 minutes, participants build individually and program in pairs.

Our standard cycle includes 8 sessions. The price is £179.5 per group of 10 children per one session.