Program&Build Day

Program&Build Day are workshops on Robotics during which we build and code robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sets and easy to use graphical environment.

Workshops are suitable for Year 1 up to Year 13. With more than 100 lesson plans we can tailor a Program&Build Day for your specific needs.

Older students will construct more complex machines such as:
– Arcade Game – Program tracks to act as a background  for your color sensor ship (avoid white rocks);
– Race Car – Gears can make it faster;
– Mini Warriors – Program a controller for your fighter
and much more..
Programming for more advanced students can be done with a C like code, however if this is an entry stage of programming we can use drag and drop environment with ready pieces of code, if we have a mixture of experienced and first timers then both types of coding can be introduced.


For younger students we have exciting topics such as:
– Scout – the car avoiding obstacles;
– Reptile Bot – a simply walking mechanism;
– Race Car – use the touch sensor to construct a bumper in front of the car;
– Sumo Warriors – build a weapon to defeat an opponent
and much more..
We program using drag and drop environment so even first timers can code with us!


Workshops last for 120 minutes. During these classes we build and program in groups of 3. We provide LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Sets, computers, software. All what you need to provide is a classroom with chairs and tables. Price is £7 per student.

With WSN2018 Discount Code (valid for workshops until the end of 2018 for at least 50 students bookings) just £6.5 per student! 

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