Terms & Conditions

Effective on 18.09.2018

  1. Terms used in agreement
    1.1 For the purpose of this terms and conditions below terms shall have following meaning:
    – PrepareRobo – PrepareRobo Ltd registered in England and Wales, company registration number: 09928257, registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ or any person providing services on its behalf
    – Workshops – any activities provided by PrepareRobo
    – Participant – person taking part in workshops delivered by PrepareRobo
    – Location – venue where the workshops take place
    – You – adult participant, otherwise a parent or legal guardian of participant under 18 years old or organization PrepareRobo workshops are provided to
  1. Services, bookings and fee payment

    2.1 PrepareRobo shall provide workshops to participant subject to this agreement and shall not be varied unless in written form, signed by PrepareRobo and You.
    2.2 For any workshops the booking is required. The booking should be made via e-mail, booking form available on the PrepareRobo website (www.preparerobo.com), or by phone (followed by PrepareRobo e-mail response with booking details).
    2.3 To confirm the booking deposit payment is required. The amount of deposit shall be equal to 20% of total value of booking, unless another specified by PrepareRobo. If the deposit is not paid until the date due the reservation will be cancelled automatically. PrepareRobo reserves the right to accept other forms of payment.
    2.4 The deposit shall be paid via bank transfer or by cheque (in such a case 5% additional fee may be charged). The cheque should be payable to PrepareRobo Ltd. Please note that we only accept cheques issued by organisations.
    2.5 The deposit is not refundable unless in case specified in point 3.1
    2.6 The total fee for the workshops due shall be paid until the day of the workshops or the date due on the invoice, whichever is earlier. PrepareRobo reserves the right to cancel the booking if the payment is not made until above specified date.
    2.7 PrepareRobo reserves the right to alter programmes, activities, itineraries, excursions, age brackets, premises and staff for its discretion and without notice.
    2.8 All payments are due within 3 working days from the date of invoice or date of supply, whichever is earlier.
    2.9 Any refund due to unauthorized payment to PrepareRobo accounts is subject to £10 admin fee.
    2.10 In case of late payment we reserve the right to charge late payment interest and recovery cost according to the UK legislation.
  1. Booking cancellation
    3.1 PrepareRobo reserves the right to cancel the booking for its discretion without prior informing you. In such case deposit will be refunded into your bank account or appropriate cheque will be issued.
    3.2 PrepareRobo will not refund any fees in case of Participants absent, arriving late or leaving early.
    3.3 PrepareRobo reserves the right to remove the participant from workshops in cases specified in point 5. In such case PrepareRobo will not refund any fees paid by you.
    3.4 PrepareRobo will not refund any fees in case of You cancelling an event less than 72 hours prior to Workshops. Full amount is due in that case.
    3.5 In case of Club session cancellation by PrepareRobo the session will be tried to be reschedulded if possible. Otherwise refund will be offered upon request.
  1. Liability and behavior at workshops, medical treatment and emergency
    4.1 PrepareRobo will not be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expences which arise by negligence of third party contractors as well as PrepareRobo will not be responsible for any damage, loss or expences caused by Participants inadequate behavior.
    4.2 PrepareRobo’s entire liability shall not exceed the amount of fees paid by you for the provision of workshops.
    4.3 PrepareRobo reserves the right to remove the participant in case of inadequate behavior (especially when breaching the point 5.5), disruption the learning environment or in case of health and safety rules disruption. In such case any fees paid by you will not be refunded.
    4.4 You should inform PrepareRobo prior to workshops about any circumstances and/or Participant’s behavior which may affect workshops. It includes (but is not limited to) ADHD, SEN, language, disabilities, diet, medical, behavioral/social issues.
    4.5 In case of emergency, you agree the medical treatment to be given to the participant if required in accordance to instruction of qualified medical practitioner. In such circumstances you will be informed immediately about the situation outlined above. Above actions will be taken at your expence.
    4.6 If workshops are part of another event organized by a third party (i.e. child’s birthday party) PrepareRobo will not be responsible for people attending an event and appropriate regulations provided by that third party will apply.
    4.7 In case of workshops starting late PrepareRobo reserves the right to cancel the session without refund when the expected length of it less than 60 minutes due to participants arriving late.
  2. Lost/stolen property, serious incidents
    5.1 PrepareRobo will not be liable for any item of jewellery or valuable property brought to the Location by the Participant.
    5.2 PrepareRobo will not be responsible for any property left at the Location and may dispose of any such property if not claimed and collected by you within seven days of the end of the workshops.
    5.3 PrepareRobo reserves the right to search participants bags and other personal properties in appropriate circumstances, especially in case of serious incident suspection.
    5.4 All the equipment shall be checked at the beginning of the workshops – any lost electronic parts should be reported to PrepareRobo. The equipment will be checked again at the end of workshops. If any part of the equipment is incomplete or broken you will be required to replace it.
    5.5 The participant is not allowed to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco or drugs during workshops at any times. In case of violation above the participant will be removed from the workshops immediately.
  1. Publicity and safeguarding policy

    6.1 You acknowledge that PrepareRobo may use for publicity purposes, without prior notification any photos or videos taken of the Participant during workshops and any statement (either written or oral) made by you or the participant. You may withdraw your consent for above at any time in a written form issued to PrepareRobo.
    6.2 In case of abusement suspection or in an event of disclosure PrepareRobo will contact with adequate Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.
  1. General conditions
    7.1 In case of change to the above agreement you will be informed about such case in a written form. You can terminate the agreement of services as soon as you are informed about that.
    7.2 Above agreement shall be governed in accordance to the laws of England and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.